Caribou Hunting Is A Unique Experience For Many Reasons

Caribou hunting is a unique experience for many reasons. Not only is hunting the animal itself an exhilarating concept, but the habitat around you is unlike anything you will see elsewhere. The timeless beauty of the tundra alone is worth the trip for many avid hunters. Here are a few tips on how to make your hunting excursion perfect for you.

If you’ve never gone caribou hunting, you’re in for a real treat. There are many reasons to hunt caribou—their meat, pelt, and horns alone are all highly sought after awards. However, when it comes to navigating the land around you, it is best to invest in a quality guide. Outfitters are also more than happy to transport you to designated areas. While you’re not guaranteed to kill a caribou, you will at least be able to enjoy the experience safely and efficiently.

As caribou numbers are growing lower each year, there are many rules and regulations to consider when going caribou hunting. Aspects such as how many caribou you can kill, butchering requirements, gun regulations, and hunting methods are all rigidly controlled. Should you deviate from these rules, the consequences are very hefty indeed. These are not rules you want to break, even accidentally. Knowing what you’re doing ahead of time will also ensure that your hunt goes smoothly.

There are many different methods you can use in caribou hunting. Most prefer to track them by following clues such as hoof prints, tree rubbings, scat, and more. Many hunters use rifles, though bow hunting is a popular form as well due to the lighter, quieter weapon and easily identifiable arrow. Given their small numbers, it’s typically a good idea to put all of your effort into tracking a shot deer as well, rather than simply tracking and hunting another caribou.

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Once you’ve bagged a caribou, it is your responsibility to butcher it cleanly and efficiently. Given the size of the animal and the remote terrain, you will likely need to skin and butcher the carcass there. This is why, along with warm clothing, food, and hunting gear, you will need to bring along a tarp and a quality butchery kit.

Caribou hunting is a great way to get into touch with nature and indulge in her bounties. If performed right, the act of hunting in such a pristine and beautiful land will be a truly unforgettable experience. Learn more today about how caribou hunting can benefit you!